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Piano playing chicken

Chicken plays the piano

Here is a poultry excuse for a musician – a chicken gets creative as it plays the piano.

Music producer Gautier Serre, 30, had the idea to set up a little piano for his pet chicken Patrick to enjoy.

The feathered friend was attracted to play the keyboard by the grain Mr Serre had left on the keyboard in his back garden in Auvergne in France.

Mr Serre recorded of the bird’s performance and added his own musical compositions on top.

He said: “The idea started out as a joke. I love my rooster, Patrick, and I wanted to make it look like he had some musical sense.”

Mr Serre said it was a challenge to compose music around the chicken’s playing because the raw piece lacked tempo.

He said: “It was much more challenging than I’d expected. I had to constantly chop and change the music because the arrangements and the tempo were really unstable.”

Mr Serre, who produced the video and photos of the project with company Svarta Photography, first started writing music aged ten years old when he began experimenting with tapes and analogue synthesizers.

His main musical influences are classical composers such as Chopin and Bach and metal bands.

Mr Serre said: “I made the video for a laugh. I asked myself the question, why not?”


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