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Plane over erupting volcano

Sakurajima volcano erupting

Enjoy your fright! An airline passenger looked out a plane window and realised he was flying directly over an erupting VOLCANO.

Teacher Steve Olson was amazed to have a front-row seat as the Sakurajima volcano, in the Kyushu province of Japan, exploded beneath him.

Mr Olson, 29, immediately took a picture of the mountain spewing lava and volcanic ash as it erupted on Monday (SEPT 29).

He was flying to Taiwan from Tokyo when he took the picture out of the window of a Boeing 737 – the plane’s jet engine is visible in his photograph.

Mr Olson, of Montrose, Colorado, USA, said: “I had just seen on the news that a volcano was erupting, I was flying over Japan so I decided to open the blind on my window and have a look.

“Amazingly I was right over it – so I snapped a quick picture on my iPhone.”

Sakurajima is the second volcano to erupt in Japan this week after the eruption of Mount Otake which killed 36 people.

Jet-setters looking to brag about their globetrotting lifestyle will frequently take pictures of their plane’s wing and post it on Instagram.

Mr Olsen said his picture was better than any other Instagram shot taken from a plane’s window.

He said: “I wanted to get some of the plane’s wing in the shot, as I thought it was an interesting perspective. I knew right away that it was a pretty special holiday snap.”

Japan is home to more than 100 active volcanoes. The country lies on a horseshoe-shaped band of fault lines known as ‘the ring of fire.’

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