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Plane selfie illusion

Plane selfie illusion

A closer look at this crowded flight reveals a surprise – every seat is filled with the SAME passenger.

In a photo for anyone who has ever wished they had a flight to themselves, airline worker Tim LaBranche, 32, photographed himself over and over again to make it appear as if clones of himself were occupying every seat on a plane.

Mr LaBranche, of Houston, Texas, USA, spent an hour before his shift in the cabin of a plane photographing himself more than 100 times.

He said: “To take the shot I had to sit in every seat on the plane and take a separate photograph – editing the picture together took around six hours.”

Mr LaBranche, an airport operations supervisor at JetBlue Airways, snapped the mind-bending image between three and four in the morning.

The 100 versions of Mr LaBranche can be seen fiddling with the lights above their seats, checking their phones and leaning out into the aisle.

Mr LaBranche said: “I am very pleased with it. I like it because it’s a unique image. It takes special access to a plane, and time to do it.

“There are some things I wish I could have changed, had I had the time to do so. I wanted to use multiple outfits and I also wanted to use accessories such as the neck pillow and some headphones.

“When I get another scheduled overnight plane, I am planning on producing version two.”

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