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Plants inside artist’s hand

David Cata art

A photographer has allowed his art to get under his skin – literally.

David Catá, 26, created a series of painful-looking photos which involved him cutting his skin, pulling it away from his body, and placing plants in the space left.

He said: “My work may seem painful, or agressive, but that is a misconception.

“I talk about pain in my projects – but emotion pain, not physical.”

To create the images, Mr Catá created a cut in his skin and then pulled the epidermis away from his body, in a process that he says did not in fact cause him pain.

Mr Catá, an artist from Barcelona, said: “Although at first glance my work may seem painful or aggressive, it is a misconception that is far from reality.

“It is true that I speak about pain in my projects, but this is emotional physical pain, not physical.

Mr Catá filled the pocket of skin with soil and placed a piece of greenery inside, creating these powerful images of a plant living out of the palm of his hand.

Mr Catá said: “I came up with the idea through a project I have been working on for the last four years ago, where I use my body itself as an artistic medium.

“I make art by stitching designs into my hands and making real cracks or pockets of skin in the palm of my hand.

“There is a lot of symbolism in my work and the action of cutting myself is essential to the process, but its not the central point.

“Through photography, video, painting and sculpture, I produce a game between personal memory and the creative act.”

Mr Catá hails from Viveiro, in Spain and he has been working as an artist for the last five years. He is currently working out of Berlin, where he was recently invited to appear at the Neukölln Art Festival.

Mr Catá cites surrealist artist Salvador Dalí as his main influence as a photographer along with French photographer Christian Boltansky and Dutch artist Levi Van Veluw.

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