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A postman has documented the perils of delivering letters by taking photos of his encounters en route.

Seth Miller, 21, has been delivering for three years and decided to start taking the pictures after stray dogs started following him around his route.

Over the years Mr Miller has encountered everything from grumpy stick insects to cross cows and chickens as well as several overly-affectionate dogs.

Mr Miller said: “The dog which jumped into my van was particularly interested in following me. When I got back from deliveries and opened my van door he thought we were doing for a ride. Unfortunately we don’t deliver dogs – so I had to kick him out.”

As if to confirm a widely-held belief, dogs have proved the most problematic animals on his rounds.

Mr Miller, of Missouri in the USA, said: “The really mean dogs aren’t in the album because I’m too busy trying to avoid them.

“I have had trouble with one dog in particular. I’ve figured out his name is called Tyler, because I’ve heard his owners yelling the name so often. It’s possible they have an unruly kid by that name – but this dog looks like a Tyler.

“He’s never chained up, and is always on a mission to protect his garden.”

“There is another particularly difficult dog which is chained up, but still in reach of the mailbox.

“I’m not too worried about him though – I don’t think he has too many teeth left.”

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