Proposal heart rate tracker

Proposal heart rate tracker graph

A man secretly recorded his fiancées heart rate as he proposed to her.

Mechanical engineer Anthony O’Malley, 24, tricked Taís Guimarães, 23, a student from Brazil, into wearing a heart rate monitor, telling her he wanted to go on hike and compare their heart rates.

Mr O’Malley said: “I told her about how I use heart rate monitors for my workouts, and how I was interested in seeing how her heart reacted to physical exercise compared to mine. I’ve been told I have a strong heart.

“I was so nervous she would figure it out, but I managed to play it cool.”

Mr O’Malley, found a quiet spot as they were hiking in Pirenópolis, Brazil, and started his carefully-prepared rehearsal.

He said: “We found our own secluded rock and had a picnic. This wasn’t an out-of-the-ordinary thing for us to do.

Then I gave her a poem which I had written, going over our story and how much I love her. As I read it I was shaking with nerves.

“The last line of the poem was ‘Taís will you marry me and be my wife?’

“I quickly fumbled for the ring and got down on one knee.

“Then proposed to her in Portuguese and she managed to say ‘Sim!’ – or ‘yes – through her tears.

“Afterwards we slow danced on the rock in front of a waterfall. It went flawlessly.”

Data from the heart monitor showed that during the proposal earlier this month Miss Guimarães’ heartrate climbed to 145 beats per minute, up from a normal resting rate of 70 to 80 beats per minute. Miss Guimarães experienced a peak heartrate that day of 175, suggesting that she was excited but not panicking when the proposal came.

Mr O’Malley, of California, said: “I’ve since printed out the graph and have it hanging in my office so I can see it every day.”

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