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Rare breed zebra shark born

Newborn zebra shark Birmingham

Wait until it starts teething! A rare breed of baby shark has been born at a British aquarium.

Staff at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham are celebrating following the birth of a 25cm-long zebra shark pup.The two-day-old pup, which is not yet named, hatched on Tuesday (AUG 19) and is already displaying the distinctive stripes which give the species it’s name.

The conservation status of zebra sharks is currently classed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list of biological species.

James Robson, Curator at the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham, said: “It’s always exciting when we have a new birth at the attraction, but especially in cases such as this when the species is struggling in the wild.

“We’re very happy to report that our pup is thriving. It’s currently in a nursery tank so we can keep a close eye on it but will eventually be moved to our ‘Breed, Rescue, Protect’ zone where we have brown banded and horned sharks on display, alongside other developing shark eggs.

“The aim is to add our pup to the larger breeding population of the zebra shark species once it comes of age in order to help protect and conserve these magnificent creatures.”

The baby shark hatched after a six month incubation period, from an egg which was donated from an aquarium in America.

The small shark could grow to a whopping 2.5 metres long when it reaches adulthood.

Zebra sharks are threatened in the wild because they are caught for their fins and liver oil which are both used commercially.


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