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Recycled food art

Recycled food art

Good enough to eat? A closer look at these mouth-watering meals reveals they are made of socks, sanitary products, recycled tyres and even urine.

These eye-catching pictures appear to show perfectly crafted meals, but on detailed inspection the strange culinary creations become distinctly less appetising.

Australian artist Tony Lee has created donuts from rolled-up socks, hot dogs from rubber gloves, bowls of cereal from piles of lego, glasses of beer from urine, and even ice lollies from tampons.

Mr Lee, of Melbourne, said his work is inspired by our growing obsession with sharing meals on social media.

He said: “Food is fuel, but through lifestreaming applications such as Instagram there seems to be a growing fetishism surrounding food.

“The idea of taking pictures of food before eating it has almost become a custom. I chose to use square frames for this series so the pictures would look like Instagram shots.”

Mr Lee created the pictures using everyday household objects such as piping, bicycle tyres and wool.

He said: “The series is also a comment on the artificial nature of modern fast food and the unknown ingredients in them.

“I chose the ingredients carefully, so the hot dog was made of a rubber glove to reflect the rubbery texture of a classic frankfurter.

“I made the donuts out of socks as I thought they had a similar spongy texture.

“I made the cereal out of lego because it reminded me of the plastic toys you used to get in cereal boxes.

“The ice lollies were built using tampons as the blue liquid used to demonstrate their absorption in adverts always reminded me of lollies.”

Mr Lee, a keen cook, said that he was forced to think about the ingredients in his food while creating the series.

This meant that the artist shunned junk food for the duration of the two-month project, leading him to lose weight.

Mr Lee said: “I couldn’t stand the thought of eating junk food while I spent all day thinking about what was in it, so I would only eat fresh food, salads and vegetables.

“This meant that through shooting this series I lost five kilograms in weight.”

More high resolution pictures are available on request. To discuss rates for using pictures and copy, contact news editor Tom Knight on 07815 004413 or

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