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Red squirrel in snow

Red squirrel in snow Scotland

What a fancy fur coat! A squirrel uses its bushy tail to protect itself from a snow storm in Scotland.

As the first winter snow fell in the UK this weekend, a Scottish photographer managed to snap these pictures of a red squirrel hunting for nuts among a blizzard.

James Moore, 42, photographed the red squirrel using his tail to protect himself from the icy weather as temperatures dropped to minus three degrees celsius in Scotland on Sunday (DEC 7).

Mr Moore said: “The snow was really going for it so the poor thing had to bend over and cover himself with his bushy tail while he hunted for nuts.

“Squirrels tails have lots of uses, they use them for communication, balance as well as shelter.”

Mr Moore, a wildlife photographer, observed the mammals from his custom built hide on the Black Isle, north of Inverness.

He said: “The red squirrel is an animal which lends itself well to a winter scene. The pictures look a bit like a christmas card.”

Mr Moore spent three hours waiting in the frosty conditions on the edge of a pine forest to capture the series of photographs.

He said: “It feels like winter has taken a while to get here but it has all come at once now.

“It was almost dark because of the snow so it was hard to get the pictures.”

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