Refracted flower photos

Refracted flower photographs by Alberto Panizza

Mother nature provides the perfect lens in a stunning series of photos which show flowers reflected in droplets of morning dew.

Nature enthusiast Alberto Panizza, 39, took the photos on the banks of the Po river in Italy using macro photography to capture the refracted flowers in meticulous detail.

The photos depict a variety of colorful flowers seemingly frozen in minuscule droplets of water that cling to some of nature’s tiniest structures, including blades of grass and spiders’ webs.

Mr Panazzi said: “One morning as I walked along the bank I noticed the refraction of images inside the droplets of dew that were clinging to the blades of grass. From that day on I always tried to seek out similar shots and stretch my ability as a photographer.”

Mr Panizza, who uses a powerful Nikon D7100 camera for his macro photography, that it takes a steady hand and a lot of patience.

He said: “The higher the magnification, the harder it is to get the shot. It’s important to use a tripod and a macro lens.

“To be a good macro photographer you have to be very patient. I usually take thousands of pictures of the same subject before I get the perfect shot.”

Fascinated with nature, Mr Panazzi, of Parma in northern Italy, has spent years photographing the flowers and insects along the river Po and often spends entire mornings combing through blades of grass for potential photo subjects.

He said: “I always go out at the first light of the day, usually from half an hour before to one hour after sunrise.

“I love it because it allows me to explore the world and learn new things. I’ve learnt to respect even the smallest insect or the ugliest spider.”

Despite the amount of time Mr Panizza spent capturing the photos he often has a hard time convincing people that they are not made in photoshop.

He said: “People always believe that the pictures are manipulated or photoshopped. I’ve always have to explain that the pictures are totally real and that everyone can see the refractions in the dew with their own eyes if they take the time to look.

“Sometimes I crop the image or straighten it in post production so that it best represents what I saw it in nature, but I never manipulate the images.”

For more of Mr Panizza’s photography visit:

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