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Restaurant for dogs

Restaurant for dogs

Talk about a dog’s dinner – a dog-mad entrepreneur has opened a new restaurant where dogs and their owners are served as EQUALS.

The Doggy Deli and Barkery in Cardiff aims to be the first establishment in the UK where dog lovers and their four-legged friends can enjoy a spot of lunch together.

Owner Leanne Couch, 29, said: “We definitely see our customers and their dogs as equals, they’re one and the same.

“I wanted to create a space where dog owners could come and relax with each other. As far as I know, there’s no other place like mine out there.

“Most diners don’t want dogs running around, bothering the customers. At our doggy diner, we love the dogs and we only really want dog lovers coming in.

While human customers can tuck into a cup of tea with a homemade cupcake, their doggy dinner dates can be spoiled with a “wagguccino” – a big bowl of frothy milk – with sausages or special dog-friendly cakes.

Mrs Couch said coffee and cake “for two” costs around £6.

She said: “It is probably one of my best ideas yet.

“There is such an amazing atmosphere – while the dogs eat their sausages and cakes and drink their wagguccinos, their owners sit around socialising as well, enjoying their own coffees and eating cakes.

“It’s calm and natural – the complete opposite of a usual pet-led activity. People can just drop their dogs off and chill while their dogs ran around playing with each other.”

The doggy diner, which opened on Sunday (NOV 2) experienced such a rush on its first day that Mrs Couch needed to bring in extra staff to help wash up.

She said: “I wasn’t prepared. Luckily I had lots of help but we were absolutely swamped with customers.

“It was overwhelming. I’m finding it hard to sleep at the moment with the excitement of it all.”

For humans, the diner offers a selection of coffees, with a small cappuccino costing £1.90 and a cup-cake at £1.60. For dogs, there is the ‘pup-cake’, a mineral-enriched dog biscuit for £2, and wagguccinos, which cost £1.

The Doggy Deli and Barkey is open now on Crwys Road in Cardiff.

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