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Retro film poster Inception

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar has been given the retro treatment by a designer who creates alternative movie posters.

Peter Stults, 32 has created a series of posters depicting what contemporary films may have looked like had they been produced in the 1940s and 50s.

The “What If” poster series has reimagined films such as Avatar, Inception and The Expendables and recasted the films’ stars and directors to make them more appropriate to the time period.

The New York-based designer first came up with the concept when he and friends became fascinated with movie history.

Mr Stults said: “When I was at college my dorm friends and I talk about with films we wanted to see with a different casts or directors.

“I always enjoyed reading about films which never came out, or films which had a famous actor lined up for a role who then left the project later on.

“My imagination would go wild when reading about these scenarios. Then I started thinking about making retro posters.”

Mr Stults, who works in marketing, has produced more than 55 movie posters.

He said: “I have a dozen other posters in the works, including Donnie Darko, Watchmen and The Hobbit.”

Despite advances in digital technology it still takes Mr Stults several weeks to create each poster.

He said: “In terms of coming up with the concept, I just let the pieces all come together.

“In the beginning I created them using a mixture of fine art and imported images along with bits and pieces pulled from other posters and advertisements but over time it has become more digital-based.”

To see more of Mr Stults work and to purchase prints go to:

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