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Safari park Halloween

Cute Halloween lemurs

Animals at a British safari park have been photographed playing with pumpkins and skulls to celebrate Halloween.

Tigers, lemurs, elephants, meerkats and bears at Woburn Safari Park all got into the spooky spirit by playing with jack-o’-lanterns with scary faces carved into them.

On Saturday (OCT 25) the animals were given pumpkins and plastic cauldrons filled with berries as a way of stimulating their natural hunting and foraging instincts.

Damini, an Asian Elephant, picked up a pumpkin with her truck to show it to her baby female calf, which was born just five weeks ago.

Terry Shelton, head of elephants, said: “The herd of elephants here at Woburn Safari Park were recently joined by their newest member – a female calf weighing 122 kg at birth.

“Getting the elephants out in the paddock with the pumpkins was a great opportunity to introduce the calf to a new experience.

“Every day she’s becoming bolder and more inquisitive, and it’s important for her to investigate different things when she’s young so she won’t be wary as she gets older.”

Elton, a three-year-old Siberian tiger eschewed his usual meat-based diet to tuck into the tasty orange vegetable.

The park’s Asian short-clawed otters also got up close and personal with a plastic skull filled with treats.

One of the parks cheeky meerkats even managed to get its head stuck in a plastic cauldron before another meerkat helped it out.

Jack-o’-lanterns, a pumpkin or turnip carved to resemble a ghoulish face, are thought to have originated in Ireland in the 19th century as a way of celebrating Halloween.

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