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holiday weight loss before and after

A mum was shamed into losing SEVEN stone after she was told she was too large to fit into an aeroplane seatbelt.

Nicola Keenan, 36, was on her way to Ankara in Turkey with friends when she struggled to get the seatbelt around her size 22 frame.

She said: “I’d boarded the plane in high spirits, but I ended up humiliated. I was too fat to fly.

“I’d always been chubby — but that the was the first time I realised my weight was out of control.”

Miss Keenan, of Ardee, County Louth, Ireland, decided to jet off for a holiday in the sunshine with her friends after discovering she was in the early stages of pregnancy with her son Jack, now five.

But when Miss Keenan boarded the flight, she was humiliated to realise she could not fit the seat belt around her without a special extension.

She said: “I was looking forward to coming home before we had even left the runway.

“Once we landed I tried to put the incident to the back of my mind, but for the whole holiday I felt like a fat 17 stone frump next to my slim sexy mates.

“I tried to put it behind me, but it was a front. I played the clown – on the outside I was full of joy but inside it was killing me.”

Pregnancy caused her to pile on more weight as she gave in to cravings, including chips and chocolate.

She said: “I was eating for two and I was eating around the clock. I always had a glass of Coke or a chocolate bar in my hand.”

Almost a year after her son Jack was born, when she at 19st 2lb and wearing size 26 clothing, Miss Kennan finally decided to lose weight once and for all.

She said: “I felt awful. I thought I knew what I looked like, but to see it there in the photograph was shocking.”

Miss Keenan, who works at a garage, joined her local Slimming World group in October 2011, despite fears that she would not be able to keep up.

She said: “I had doubts. I was worried that people might judge me, but it was a really good experience and I made a lot of friends there. Everyone was lovely.”

She completely overhauled her diet and started taking regular exercise.

Before beginning her weight loss journey she typically ate sausages on toast for breakfast, a bowl of chips for lunch and a large portion of chips and battered sausage for her evening meal. She would snack on chocolate and sausage rolls during the day.

Today, she typically eats boiled egg and toast, or cereal with fruit for breakfast, a jacket potato with salad for lunch, and an omelette with pasta or spaghetti bolognese for her evening meal. When she snacks, she enjoys portions of fruit.

In just over a year, she lost seven stone, and dropped down to a healthy 12 stone, size 12.

She said: “I’m now able to do more things with Jack. He’s just started going to school, so it’s nice to be able to keep up with him.

“I’ve inspired other members of my family to lose weight.

“I can go on holidays with the girls without shame now. Before, going through security at the airport was an ordeal, as security officers thought I was always hiding things under my frumpy clothes. Now I look sleek and healthy.

“I can also enjoy going to the beach and wearing a bikini and not having to worry about people looking at me and saying- oh God look at that one in the skirt, she looks a state”

“I’m not worried about seatbelts any more, that’s for sure.”

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