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Selfie with a kangaroo

Man takes selfie with kangaroo

Roo dares wins – a brave Australian posed for a selfie with a kangaroo.

Adam Uren, 24, decided to show off to his American relatives by posing for a picture with a wild kangaroo and posting it online on Wednesday(AUG 7).

Mr Uren, of Perth, posed next to the grinning marsupial in Caversham National Park in South Australia.

He said: “The kangaroo looked pretty chilled so I approached him and laid down next to him.

“I snuggled with him for a bit – he pressed his face against mine and rubbed his head against me like a cat.

“The sun was in his eyes, so that’s why he is screwing up his face. It does look like he is grinning.”

Kangaroos are known for being fierce when threatened, springing back onto their tails and kicking out against aggressors. Their kicks are so powerful that they have been observed to disembowel predators when defending themselves.

Mr Uren said: “I tried to get a picture with a different kangaroo later that day and he got up on his legs so I decided not to push my luck.”

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