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Shot drinking reactions

Shot horror! A photographer captured drinkers’ pained reactions as they braved shots of strong spirits.

These hilarious pictures show volunteers gurning, spitting and screwing their faces up after swallowing shots of sambuca, tequila and gin.

Tim Charles, 33, of east London, had the idea to study how people react to strong alcohol while he was out drinking with friends one evening.

He said: “I wanted to show the pain we all go through in order to feel the effects of alcohol.

“The idea came about while on a night out with a few friends – my girlfriend had a shot and the look on her face was priceless.”

Mr Charles took the photos in June during two sittings at his studio.

He said: “The models’ reaction to the shot was never immediate. It was when the shot started going down their throat that it hit home.

“I wasn’t fussed if they didn’t react much – I wanted to see their authentic reaction.

“The reactions were all quite similar. I think sambuca was the easiest to stomach.

“People mainly drank tequila, but a few seemed to have had a bad experience with it and didn’t want to touch it ever again.

“I had my assistant on hand to administer juice or water straight afterwards. Most people had a real desperation to drink a glass of water afterwards.”

Thousands of people are abstaining from alcohol for the month of October as part of Macmillan Cancer Care’s Go Sober For October campaign.

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