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Spooky dungeon proposal

Spooky dungeon proposal

Until death do us part? For a boyfriend the eerie location of Edinburgh Dungeon was the perfect setting to get down on one knee and ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Kevin Wells, 23, of Linlithgow in Scotland chose to pop the question to Lauren Mitchell, 22, at the unusually morbid venue on the one year anniversary of their first date.

Miss Mitchell said: “I was nervous and sweating before going into the dungeon because I’m a big scaredy cat but when he got down on one knee that made my heart beat even faster”

Mr Wells and Miss Mitchell met at a professional wrestling competition last June, where Mr Wells was appearing as a competitor.

They attended Edinburgh Dungeon as their first date.

Mr Wells, a big fan of horror films, said: “We just thought it would be boring to go to the cinema or for a meal. We thought, ‘why not do something different?’

“Ever since then it’s been a whirlwind romance. Everything seemed to happen at once. A few months before our first  anniversary I bought the ring. When you know, you know. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together.

“I’m only ever going to propose once, so I wanted to make sure it was special. I came up with the dungeon because I knew she would never expect that and it holds sentimental value.”

Mr Wells wanted to make sure there would be a crowd to see their special moment and went about getting all of their friends and family involved.

He recruited his friend to help him plan the big reveal and get everyone to the dungeon, while he kept his girlfriend busy.

As the couple moved through the dungeon, everything seemed normal until they reached the witch trial courtroom.

The script for the dungeon’s actors was altered for the special proposal and the tour was extended slightly to allow time for Mr Wells to pop the question.

Just like on their first date, an actor playing the judge called Miss Mitchell out as being a witch, but this time when she stepped into the dock he called for a larger jury.

Mr Wells said: “He pointed at Lauren and said that she was a witch and accused her of hypnotising young men and pointed at me.”

The couple’s family and friends came into the court from a secret room and Mr Wells was handed his guitar.

Mr Wells is a massive fan of former Busted and Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson, and as part of the grand proposal sang an amended version of one of his songs to the crowd..

He changed the lyrics to track ‘Farmer and his Gun’ into the words of his proposal.

He sang: “Will you marry me? Please don’t say no because everyone can see, Will you marry me? Even if I was to get down on one knee.”

He got down on one knee and asked Miss Mitchell to marry him and she said yes immediately.

Call centre worker Miss Mitchell said: “I had a few suspicions as for a few weeks before as I noticed a lot of conversations stopped when I entered the room.

“He was being secretive which is really unusual for him and on the morning of our anniversary I got him a new iPod and all he gave me was a card, which upset me a bit.

“The location definitely suited Kevin.”

When asked about the possibility of a horror-themed wedding, Miss Mitchell dismissed it immediately.

She said: “There is no way I would have a wedding like that. I want the princess-style wedding, with a big dress and a big venue. I would love a castle, but that might just be a dream.

“Every little girl wants their princess wedding and Prince Charming . I’ve found my prince so I would love the fairytale wedding too.”

She was so shocked and overwhelmed when he asked her it took her about a minute to register what was going on.

She said: “It was really nice of him to have friends and family there to share such an initiate experience and I’m glad they got to share it with us.”

Charlie Simpson has since got in touch with the couple after hearing about the proposal and was impressed by Mr Wells’ version of his song on Youtube.

He has wished them the best for their wedding and sent them signed gifts as an engagement present.

Couple get engaged in spooky dungeon
Newly engaged Kevin and Laura
Laura's new engagement ring
Engagement cookie cake

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