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Star Wars landscapes

Star Wars AT-AT Walker

A series of uncanny photos makes the Star Wars galaxy seem not so far, far away after all.

Star Wars superfan Thomas Dagg, 24, used photography and digital image processing to introduce the science fiction series’ iconic machines and characters to everyday surroundings.

He said the images are his way of paying homage to his to his favorite films from his childhood.

He said: “The project is inspired by the imagination I had when I was eight year old child. I loved, and lived, Star Wars back then.”

Mr Dagg said he aimed to depict a world in which Star Wars characters and technology are mundane sights.

He said: “I wanted the photos to seem realistic.

“If you had to photograph something flying past your window in real life it wouldn’t be a clear shot – it would be blurred.”

“I had to work very hard to make it look like I had just snapped the photos in passing and accidently captured something amazing.”

He said each photo took days of planning and hours of editing.

He said: “It usually takes four to five hours to edit the photo but it can take days to find the right location and figure out the suitable lighting and angle. It’s quite a complicated process.

“I used a lot of the toys I had played with as a child. They are what I had used to spark my imagination back then so it seemed only fitting to use them again in this project.

“Integrating them into the shot requires a lot of lens trickery and playing with perspectives.”

Mr Dagg, of Toronto, is a lifelong fan of the original film series

He said: “I think I was five when I first saw the first Star Wars.

“I remember bringing the tapes home from our local video store for family movie night.

“I watched them almost every night and I eventually wore out the tapes.”

Mr Dagg claims that it is an ongoing project and aims to continue producing photos to coincide with the upcoming films.

He said: “I’m trying to get the photos featured in a couple of galleries here in Toronto so I’m thinking of producing a few more to put on display.

“Depending on how good the new films are I would love to continue producing photos to tie in with them as well.

“I am excited for the next trilogy and I have a lot of faith in the director. It’s going to be really cool.”

Star Wars: Episode VII, directed by JJ Abrams, is currently set for a release date of December 18th 2015.

More high resolution pictures are available on request. To discuss rates for using pictures and copy, contact news editor Tom Knight on 07815 004413 or

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