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Dinosaur bicycle design

Velociraptor bike design

Jurassic lark! A student completed a monster challenge by pedaling 200 miles on a bicycle in the shape of a DINOSAUR.

Markus Moestue, 32, turned three bicycles into velociraptor-shaped vehicle before making his marathon 198 mile journey from Stavanger to Kristiansand on the Norwegian coast.

Mr Moestue said his velociraptor velocipede turned heads as he made the journey.

He said: “I spread a lot of joy during my journey – everyone thought the dinosaur was very funny. Wherever I went people would stop and look at it and take pictures.

“I forgot to train before heading off on the trip, so I found it very tiring.”

The talented student created his jurassic boneshaker out of three separate bicycles and styrofoam.

Mr Moestue, of Bergen, Norway, used a kitchen knife to sculpt the styrofoam into the shape of the extinct predator. The strange vehicle took Mr Moestue more than six months to create.

He said: “Because I used styrofoam it was very light – the whole thing only weighed 30kg despite its size.

“It tipped over in the wind quite a bit, so it was very dangerous on main roads.”

Mr Moestue made the vehicle and the trip as part of his art course at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. This week (AUG 19) he was informed that his bizarre project was enough to earn him a passing grade.

Mr Moestue said the project was a practical protest against the teaching of creationism in Norwegian schools.

He said: “There are museums and schools in Norway which teach children that dinosaurs and humans once lived side-by-side – a stance that has been discredited by scientists.

“By making my trip, I made people think about the fact that dinosaurs and humans never lived together.”

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