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Sunbathing meerkats

Sunbathing meerkats Pettitts Animal Park

These relaxed meerkats in a British wildlife park seem unfazed by the cold weather as they continue to SUNBATHE in their enclosure.

A pair of meerkats, in Pettitts Animal Park in Reedham, Norfolk, were photographed reclining in the last of the warm weather – temperatures are expected to drop to 11 degrees celsius next week.

Photographer Eric Johnstone, 33, photographed the lounging mammals while walking around the park.

Mr Johnston, of Lowestoft, Suffolk, said: “The Meerkats were playing and running around their enclosure – one of them kept watch while the others played.

“When I came back to the enclosure again a bit later they were all laid out taking in the sun.”

Meerkats often relax by warming their stomachs in the sun.

Mr Johnston said: “One of the keepers said there was also some food buried round the enclosure so they were digging for it – I think they tired themselves out with all their activity so they all had a lie down.

“They looked very pleased with themselves to be out in the sun relaxing.”

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