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Sushi for otters

otter feeding time Sea Life Centre

Stubborn otters at a British aquarium were tricked into eating their greens by being fed handmade SUSHI by a trained chef.

Keepers grew concerned when otters at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham refused to eat their fruit and vegetables.

On Monday (SEPT 15) inventive otter handler Rob Gaster, 30, decided to put on his chef’s whites and prepare handmade sushi for the otters.

Mr Gaster is a trained chef who worked at several restaurants before joining the Sea Life Centre and his culinary skills allowed him to hide apples and carrots by rolling them up in meat and fish.

He then fed the adorable Asian short-clawed otters their lunch – using chopsticks.

Mr Gaster said: “For some reason the otters started to go off their fruit and vegetables which we have to feed them to ensure they get their vitamins.

“I tried to think of a new way to get the fruit and vegetables back into their diet. One day someone was eating sushi for lunch and I thought it would be perfect for the otters.”

Mr Gaster prepared sushi made from trout, river cobbler, horse meat, apples and carrots.

He said: “I decided that being a chef wasn’t for me and I retrained as a biologist.

“I prefer cooking for otters. They are a lot more appreciative than most of the customers you get in restaurants.”

Mr Gaster said it was important to keep finding new and exciting ways to feed the otters in order to keep them stimulated.

He said: “Giving the otters new experiences enriches their lives and keeps their brains working. I have to be careful I don’t give them sushi too regularly, as it will stop being exciting for them.”

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