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TARDIS replica in garden

Life size dalek in garden

A handyman went the extra mile to make a pair of Dr Who fans happy when he secretly built them the gift of a replica TARDIS for their garden.

Barry McKechnie, 42, proved that, just like The Doctor, he has heart to spare when he built the spectacular mock-up for eight-year-old Aaron Miekle and his uncle Gary Miekle, 46, who has Down’s syndrome.

Doctor Who returns to our screens this Saturday (AUG 23) and the family say they are excited to watch the show with their very own TARDIS taking pride of place in their back garden.

Mr McKechnie completed the stellar project between jobs as he was fixing up the family home in Barrhead, near Glasgow, carefully keeping the gift a secret from Aaron and Gary until he was ready to unveil it.

Mr KeKechnie said: “I have been working for the family for years. Ken, Aaron’s father, has been very good to me so I wanted to give something back to them.

“I knew that Aaron and Gary love Doctor Who and would love a TARDIS. It’s something money can’t buy – so I built one myself.

“I am very lucky to be skilled with my hands so I can do stuff like this. I just wanted to make a couple of lads smile.”

Aaron’s father and Gary’s brother Ken Miekle, 56, said: “When Barry arrived with the TARDIS on the back of his truck, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I can only imagine what an eight-year-old who is mad about Doctor Who would think.

“Gary and Aaron were thrilled to bits.

“My son has a queue of boys from his school waiting to come over and see it. The boys spend all their time in the back garden now playing in it with friends.

Mr Miekle, a music producer, said he had no idea that Mr McKechnie had been working on the full-size TARDIS, which is complete with flashing lights. The only major difference to the fictional time machine is that Mr McKechnie’s TARDIS is no bigger on the inside than you would expect.

Mr McKechnie spent three months working on the wooden blue box, spending his evenings building it. He delivered it to the family in time for Aaron’s birthday in February this year.

Mr Miekle said: “Barry is a plumber and can turn his hand to anything – but I’m still amazed that he built this.

“He has worked on my home for me for years so we have become really good friends.

“It must have cost him a few bob to build – but Barry wouldn’t take a penny for it.”

Mr Miekle has cared for his younger brother Gary at home for the past 26 years.

Mr Miekle said: “Gary takes these things in his stride – as far as he is concerned it is the actual TARDIS and it is now in his garden.

“Gary is a brilliant guy, he wakes up hearty and goes to bed hearty. People love him and he loves people.

“When I had Aaron I was worried about how they might get on. But I am so blessed -they really love each other.”

The family also has a life-size Dalek in the back garden, built by Mr Miekle, a life-long Doctor Who fan himself.

The terrifying fully-motorised replica features flashing lights and a voice box and fires water and smoke.

Mr Miekle said: “I was five when Doctor Who started and two years later the movie was released. My mother worked in a cinema in Glasgow at the time so I must have seen it several times. I was obsessed with the Daleks.

“I love Peter Capaldi and I think he will be fantastic, it is always great to see a Scot in the role. Gary and Aaron can’t wait to watch it, they’ve both been counting down the days.”

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