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Tortoise’s mating rage

Tortoise mating ritual

The real teenage mutant ninja turtle! An adolescent tortoise headbutted an animal lover in a fit of passion before biting him.

A hilarious video shows an amourous tortoise, named Gus, banging his shell against a process engineer who was lying on the floor before rushing in and biting his nipple.

George Nixon, 24, was visiting a friend’s house when the five-year-old tortoise started trying to mate with him.

Mr Nixon, of Bristol, said: “At the time I thought it was behaving like that because it was angry with me.

“I feel a bit uncomfortable now I know that it was trying to mate with me.”

Tortoise expert Henry Fenwick, of the British Chelonia Group, said: “Tortoises have very strange mating behaviour.

“This behavior is typical for tortoises who are growing up. Part of their mating process is headbutting each other.

“The male will headbutt the female to try to move them into a corner so they can’t move. After this the male will attempt to mount the female.

“Pet tortoises will do this to any strange object they see on the floor, particularly to someone they recognise but who is in a different position, such as on the ground.”

Mr Nixon was visiting a friend’s house on Sunday (SEP 29) when he became the object of Gus’s affections.

He said: “I was feeling hungover – that’s why I was lying on the floor. Suddenly the tortoise started slamming into me. It’s not something which happens every day.

“Gus belongs to a friend from university, so perhaps he recognises me from those days.

“It didn’t hurt at all until it bit me – and that was very painful. I got up and moved to a different seat. It’s left a bruise on my nipple.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michael Bay’s $125m reboot of the popular cartoon franchise, is released in UK cinemas on October 17th 2014.

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