Trafalgar Square proposal

Trafalgar square proposal

A very British proposal! A love-struck economist proposed to his girlfriend by spelling out ‘will you marry me?’ using umbrellas in Trafalgar Square.

When Marc-Antoine Ramelet, 27, decided to propose to his girlfriend Regina Lai, 28, a wedding planner, he knew his proposal would have to be something special.

The PhD economics student proposed to his girlfriend of seven years by getting down on one knee in front of the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

A group stood on the steps to the gallery holding up 15 red umbrellas with the phrase ‘will you marry me?’ spelled out in rose petals stitched into the fabric.

Miss Lai, who works as a wedding planner at a hotel in London, said yes and the couple were met with a round of applause from gawping bystanders.

Mr Ramelet, of Lausanne, Switzerland, said: “I knew that I wanted to propose and I had loads of ideas in my head which I wanted to combine.

“I liked the idea of making it public and I wanted something very ‘London’ at a landmark location.

“I had Trafalgar Square in mind, because there is no traffic on the main square and because the stairs leading up to the National Gallery offer a good backdrop.

“I also loved the idea of surprising her in front of loads of people.”

Mr Ramelet enlisted the support of professional engagement planners The Proposers. The staff helped him to iron out the logistics of the dramatic gesture, as well as providing the people holding the umbrellas.

The stunt was planned down to the tiniest detail ensuring that Mr Ramelet arrived with Miss Lai just in time to see the umbrellas opened.

Mr Ramelet said: “I told Regina that there was a Rembrandt exhibition at the National Gallery.

“We met up for coffee at the Cafe Nero south of Trafalgar Square – I was waiting for a text to tell us we could walk out.

“We were walking in the middle of the square toward the National Gallery when Daisy, from The Proposers, showed up and gave Regina a card.

“On the card was written ‘look up the stairs’ – when she looked up, the people holding the umbrellas opened them one by one, in turn revealing my proposal.

“I then kneeled down and spoke to her for a few minutes, at the end of which I asked her and she said ‘yes’, and the crowd clapped around us.

“We then went up the stairs next to the umbrellas, and people were still clapping.”

Miss Lai said she was overwhelmed by the amourous gesture.

She said: “I was so surprised and astonished. I have watched so many Youtube videos of other people’s memorable proposals, but I have never imagined this would happen to me.”

Mr Ramelet popped the question on a rainy day in January this year. The couple are planning to get married in August 2016.

Miss Lai said: “We plan to have two wedding receptions, one in Switzerland and another one in Hong Kong where I am from.

“It has been very hard to try and plan two receptions in completely different countries while we are currently based in London.

“London will always be a special place for us, especially after this proposal.”

Daisy Amodio, the proposal planner who helped Mr Ramelet pop the question, said: “This proposal certainly had the feel-good factor on a miserable rainy day.

“We spent hours sewing rose petals into the umbrellas to spell out Marc’s proposal.

“It was the perfect proposal to represent iconic London and the typical weather. I wish many congratulations to the happy couple.”

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