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Tutus for puppies

Puppy tutus

A selfless seven-year-old has struck gold with her own small business – making tutus for PUPPIES.

Selfless entrepreneur Jayden Mote, 7, began creating the tutus for pups when she got bored over the Christmas holidays, and is now selling them to raise money for charity.

Jayden’s Mother, Deandrea Mote, 31, said: “Jayden’s brother and sister’s were away and she was really bored at home – so I asked her if she wanted to make a tutu with the material left over from my dressmaking business.”

“I taught her how to make it and that’s all it took.”

At first Mrs Mote thought Jayden could dress up her dolls or stuffed animals – but she had other ideas on her mind.

Mrs Mote said: “She looked over at our puppy, Zoey, and asked me if we could put it on her.”

Jayden soon wanted to try them on more than just Zoey, the family’s Boston Terrier.

Mrs Mote said: “She turned around to me and asked me if I thought we could sell them. She wanted to raise money for her sister’s birthday, which is coming up.

“I thought that was so sweet, so we just had to try.”

A Facebook page entitled “Puppy Tutus by Jayden” got the business off the ground and soon Jayden was getting more than ten orders a day.

Mrs Mote said: “Her first intention was to make a little bit of money to get her sister a birthday gift – but then she decided that she wanted to donate all of the money to our local animal shelters.

“We have an abundance of abandoned dogs in our area – and so she decided that she would rather help them. When I asked her if she wanted to buy herself something with the money she said, ‘no, that money is for the dogs.”

Mrs Mote, of Lubbock, Texas, said that Jayden’s current goal it to make enough money to donate to a different shelter every month.

She said: “She’s incredibly selfless. We’re extremely proud of her.”

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