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Ultimate £80,000 bike tour

Champs-Elysees Paris bike tour

At the staggering cost of more than £80,000, could this be the ultimate cycling holiday?

While most holidaymakers would be content with tow paths and an occasional pub lunch, a luxury travel company is hoping to attract couples with the chance to pedal around the 12 most fashionable cities in the world – at an eye-watering cost of £80,100.

The package, which launches next month, will give cyclists the chance to park their bikes and pop into the world’s trendiest restaurants, clubs and galleries, from Paris to Sydney by way of Los Angeles, Istanbul and Tokyo.

Marcel Knobil, founder of company VeryFirstTo which is offering the tour, said: “The target customer is someone who is a fashion enthusiast and who has a passion for travelling while being as environmentally-friendly as possible.”

The tour, which take a month to complete, includes bike trips around the streets of Paris, New York, Milan, London, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Berlin and Sydney.

While few would imagine cycling around the world’s busiest cities to be a relaxing experience, Mr Knobil, 50, said dedicated tour guides will make navigating relatively safe.

He said: “Some of the cities are more intimidating than others to cyclists, but in each city the couple will be accompanied by an expert guide who knows the most cycle-friendly routes.

“By having a bike you can explore places really quickly and navigate certain routes which one would never be able to do by taxi.”

The cost of the tour includes travel between the cities, accommodation and tour guides. Couples will also be provided with two high-end electric bikes, costing around £2,500 each, which they will be able to keep at the end of the trip.

However, holiday-makers will be expected to pay for their own food and souvenirs.

Mr Knobil said: “On the face of it the £80,100 cost sounds quite spectacular, but when you break it down it starts to make sense. If you look at the quality of travel and accommodation, and the number of places you’re going to, it’s pretty reasonable.

“Unfortunately one needs deep pockets, but what you’re getting in return is very fair indeed.”

Mr Knobil said the cities on the itinerary were decided by a poll of VeryFirstTo’s 250,000 members.

He said: “It’s a really nice mix of the classic fashion cities, like Paris, and some others that have in more recent times been getting credibility for their fashion credentials in terms of food, clothing, architecture and hotels.

“There are a number of destinations I haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting – the likes of Tokyo would be an absolute treat. I know the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt would be great.

“Sydney is now becoming quite a fashion hub – I understand Darlinghurst is absolutely spectacular for shopping.”

Other highlights on the trip could include Barcelona’s ABaC restaurant, the Bar della Pace in Rome, Rodeo Drive in Hollywood and the restaurants of Bel-Air in Los Angeles and the Bosphorous hotel in Istanbul.

Mr Knobil said: “We’ve had lots of people ask for itineraries who have told us they’re thinking about what an appropriate date might be. We’re hopeful and we think it’s a tantalising proposition.”

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