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Underwater fashion dive

Fashion dive photography

An underwater catwalk! A photographer has taken stunning pictures of models underwater.

These alluring and surreal photographs of fashion-conscious freedivers were taken by Annelie Pompe, 33.

Miss Pompe, who is herself an avid freediver, took photos of divers wearing fashionable clothes in order to give a fresh perspective on her sport.

She said: “I fell completely in love with the underwater world and I wanted to show it to everyone on the surface.

“I started taking photos underwater in 2004. Since I started free-diving in 2005, I don’t use an oxygen supply when taking photos. I take one deep breath, and that is all.”

Taken in the Red Sea off Dahab in Egypt, the photo series seeks to show how it is possible to feel at home underneath the water.

Miss Pompe said: “Dahab is my favourite place to take photos.

“There’s a huge variety of dive sites to choose from. The light and environment differs widely. It also helps that the water is very clear and warm.

“All I’d wish for is a few more big underwater animals. I would love to take photos of whales, dolphins and sharks.

“A good photo will make you feel something inside when you see it. I think it should create a longing or a understanding of the beauty of the underwater world.”

Miss Pompe currently donates half of the profits from her photography to South African charity I Am Water Charitable Trust, for which she is an ambassador.

More high resolution pictures are available on request. To discuss rates for using pictures and copy, contact news editor Tom Knight on 07815 004413 or tom@medavia.co.uk.


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