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White-throated kingfisher

White kingfisher

Bird’s eye view – a wildlife enthusiastic captured this perfectly composed shot of a kingfisher staring straight down his camera lens.

This startling picture of a white-throated kingfisher offers a rare glimpse of what it is like to be squarely in the sights of this efficient hunter, which preys on aquatic creatures like fish and frogs.

Bhavya Joshi, 24, spent 15 minutes lining up the perfect shot in Rajkot in Gujarat, India.

He said: “The kingfisher wasn’t looking at me, so I stood in front of him until he turned his head. I had to capture the shot very quickly. The unusual front angle makes the bird look both beautiful and angry.”

White-throated kingfishers, which grow up to 28cm in length, are often spotted perched on branches, keeping an eye out for crustaceans, insects, snakes and fish to feed on.

Mr Joshi said: “I am very pleased with picture, the angle is unusual and the background is beautiful. I was worried that he would fly off as soon as he saw me, then I would not have got this shot.”

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