Wii wedding weight loss

Wedding weight loss before and after in bridal gown

A sales assistant shrank FIVE dress sizes to fit into her dream wedding dress – thanks to the games console she was bought for Christmas.

Claire Proctor, 24, went from 14st 7lb and wearing a size 18 clothes to the 9st 7lb, size eight she is today in the space of just a year.

Mrs Proctor hit her slimming goal just in time to fit into her wedding dress when she got married to husband Ian, 25, in June 2013 in Arbroath, Scotland.

She said: “It turned out I didn’t need to shell out for a gym membership – using the Wii games did the trick for me. Half an hour on the Wii board every day did the trick.

“On my wedding day it was amazing to be able to fit into my wedding dress and know I had achieved so much.”

Mrs Proctor saw her weight pile on after years of eating junk food.

She said: “I lived on a diet of sandwiches, fizzy drinks and convenience food like takeaways. Things got a bit out of control.”

By the time her brother Stuart, 29, married in April 2012, Mrs Proctor weighed her heaviest weight of 14st 7lb.

She said: “With Stuart getting married I was inspired to go to a bridal store to try on a dress for my wedding day, which was being planned for the following summer.

“I was very unhappy with the way I looked in the dress. I hadn’t realised how big my arms had become. I wanted to look glamorous in a strapless dress, but it just wasn’t working.”

Stunned, Mrs Proctor pledged to overhaul her diet.

Before beginning her weight loss journey she typically sugary cereals for breakfast, ham and salad sandwiches for lunch, and takeaways such as pizza and Chinese for her evening meal. She would snack on multipacks of cheese and onion crisps during the day.

Having made the leap into a healthier lifestyle, she began eating fruit and fibre cereal for breakfast, baked potato with tuna for lunch and grilled chicken with veg for her evening meal.

She also began using the Wii Fit game on a Nintendo games console she had been given the previous Christmas.

She said: “Nobody could see me workout in the safety of my own home and this gave me a lot more confidence to actually exercise regularly free of judgement.

“I would get in half an hour on the board each day and take alternating days off each week. Of course there are some days where you are more busy than others but even then I would make sure I fitted in at least five or ten minutes per day.

“It was just like going to the gym. The game instructs you through a four to six week programme and you follow the instructions of an on screen trainer who will walk you through different exercises.”

She was amazed when her weight started falling off at a rate of 8 pounds a month.

Within the space of a year Mrs Proctor had dropped to a slim nine stone, and was no longer worried her big day would be ruined by her size.

She said: “My wedding day in June 2013 was amazing. I finally had my dream dress on and just being able to say I had set out to do something and done made it even better.

“I’ll never go back to the way I was. I feel so much healthier and happier now.”

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