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For the past decade Medavia has specialised in helping individuals and families to benefit from sensitive, appropriate and carefully planned media coverage. But, it struck us that often our clients’ stories are worthy of an even wider audience. Motivated by the idea of assisting in creating a lasting and dignified tribute or message, we’ve worked incredibly hard to forge trusted links with the UK’s biggest book publishing houses.

We would be very proud to explore publishing opportunities on behalf of any individual who has even the smallest nugget of an idea for an autobiographical book. We welcome approaches from those who have already written all or part of their story, as well as those who would not know where to start in putting pen to paper.

We can work closely with you to create a compelling and high-quality pitch for your book, linking with a top literary agent to ensure it catches the eyes of the biggest and best publishers. Our services also include financial negotiation, contract management and pre and post publication publicity.

With a team of experienced writers, we are also ideally placed to ghostwrite your story if necessary. We can take as much time as needed to talk through every detail, before putting your own words down in writing. There would be continuous contact to ensure you get full approval over every single paragraph.

Our complete and comprehensive package of services will always be free of cost to you, as our payments are negotiated with and paid by the publishers directly.

For a confidential and no obligation chat about your book idea, please do get in contact with us on the phone on 0117 9733730 or via email at contact@medavia.co.uk. We are always on hand to explain the full process, including how to pitch a book to a publisher and how to negotiate a book deal.

Please note, we are unable to assist with pitches for works of fiction – we work solely within the autobiographical sector.


Our recent book deals:

April Jones book

April Jones book

AprilMedavia negotiated a deal for Simon & Schuster UK, a top publishing house, to create a poignant and heartbreaking hardback tribute to April Jones. The story spans from April’s birth in 2007 through to the present day. It is told by her parents Coral and Paul, written on their behalf by our ghostwriter Geraldine McKelvie. April is available online now.

Becky – In February 2015 Bristol teenager Becky Watts was cruelly murdered by her stepbrother Nathan Matthews. With the expert guidance of our ghostwriter Chantelle Rees, Becky’s father Darren Goldsworthy is sharing his heartbreaking story. His book will be published by respected publishing house HarperCollins in Spring 2016.

Sarah Wilson's book Violatedhardback cover CROP

Sarah Wilson’s book Violated

ViolatedWe approached Rotherham sex abuse scandal victim Sarah Wilson with the opportunity to tell her harrowing story with renowned publishers HarperCollins. In her book, Violated, Sarah bravely and honestly recounts her terrifying experiences at the hands of an older gang. From the age of 11 she was raped and abused by the men, who only released Sarah from their clutches when she became too old for their tastes. Again, her words have been sensitively put to paper by our writer Geraldine McKelvie. Sarah’s sold nearly 40,000 copies of Violated.

Nikitta – A mother’s story – Working with Medavia, Nikitta’s heartbroken mother, Marcia Grender, will retell the tragic events of 2011. Nikitta was eight-and-a-half months pregnant when she was stabbed, raped and killed by her fiance’s cousin, Carl Whant. We have been looking after the family’s media coverage since Whant was jailed, and we are extremely proud to have now negotiated a book publishing deal for her parents to pay the ultimate tribute to their daughter. Nikitta – A mother’s story will be written by Geraldine McKelvie for release in early 2016.


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