Sell a true life story to a newspaper or magazine today

If you’ve got a story you’d like to sell to a newspaper or magazine, Medavia can help.

We can use our skilled writers and unrivalled network of industry contacts to ensure your story gets great coverage in the press, and also that you get paid the best possible price. We never charge you for our work – when we sell your story our costs are covered by the media.

We work with a huge range of publications. This includes newspapers such as The Times, the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Mirror and the Sunday People. We also work with women’s magazines including Take A Break, That’s Life, Pick Me Up, Bella, Woman, Cosmopolitan and many more. We can arrange television appearances too, on shows including on This Morning and Good Morning Britain.

We’re always ready for a chat about your story idea, no matter what the subject matter is. You can contact us on 0117 9733730 or email to discuss the next step and find out how much your story is worth.


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