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Penguin housewarming party Whipsnade Zoo

Penguin housewarming party

Penguin housewarming party

Goodnight Vienna and good morning Bedfordshire! Seven penguins have moved from Austria to a British zoo. Keepers at Whipsnade Zoo have been welcoming seven rockhopper penguins to their new home in Bedfordshire, by throwing them a housewarming party. The black and white birds were welcomed to their new digs by keepers who presented them with

Monkey rescue success

After generous support from the public, a monkey sanctuary in Cornwall managed to raise £6,000 and rescue a capuchin monkey. The monkey, named Daisy, was originally confiscated from an exotic animal breeder in Wales where she was isolated from any others of her breed. She was found with healed cigarette burns and poorly mended fractured

Frosty squirrel photos

Have you got my best side? A squirrel turns to pose for the camera in frosty Scotland. As temperatures plummeted in the UK a photographer managed to capture these pictures of a red squirrel hunting for nuts in wintry conditions. Wildlife photographer James Moore, 42, hid nuts for the inquisitive creatures to find. At one

Baby tapir birth

Edinburgh Zoo received a wonderful gift for the new year in the form of a cute baby Malayan tapir. The male tapir, who has been named Mekong, was born to parents Sayang and first-time father Mogli in the evening of New Years Eve. Leader of the zoo’s hoofstock team Lorna Hughes said: “The calf has

Abandoned seal

An adult grey seal found in a field in Merseyside is “not out of the woods yet” as he continues to struggle after his ordeal. The seal, named Dumbledore by his rescuers, is currently being cared for at the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre, where he was taken after being found in a field in

Snowy owls at Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Snowy owl pictures

Two birdwatchers were lucky enough to capture shots of notoriously shy snowy owls at rest, thanks to a rare natural event. Steve Ash, 54, and his son Tyler, 26, had heard rumours that late December would see an irruption of snowy owls into southern Canada. Irruptions, unpredictable and dramatic migrations of birds to areas they

Dog rescue charity

Dog rescue mission

A kind-hearted man is on a mission to save more than 450 dogs from being put down this Christmas. Sasha Pesic, 45, has spent the last six years rescuing stray pups from the streets without any financial support. He said: “It all began when I found four puppies beside the road and took them in

Cat wearing Christmas hat knitted

Hats for cats

Christmas knitwear for PETS is proving to be a moneyspinner for needleworkers on the internet this year. Meredith Langley, 28, has struck gold with her line of festive headwear – for cats. She started her line of feline headwear as a hobby, and now produces them as a full-time job, with pieces ranging from around

Red squirrel in snow Scotland

Red squirrel in snow

What a fancy fur coat! A squirrel uses its bushy tail to protect itself from a snow storm in Scotland. As the first winter snow fell in the UK this weekend, a Scottish photographer managed to snap these pictures of a red squirrel hunting for nuts among a blizzard. James Moore, 42, photographed the red

We bought a zoo true story

Dartmoor Zoo movie

The zookeeper whose moving personal story inspired the Hollywood film “We Bought a Zoo” says he now needs to fill a £1.6 million hole to stop his struggling park going. In the 2011 film, which starred Matt Damon and Scarlett Johannsen, a widower buys a failing zoo despite having no experience caring for animals and


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