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Daily food paintings

Art which looks good enough to eat – an artist is feeding the hungry with an ambitious project which challenges him to paint food every day. Painter Aleksey Vaynshteyn, 38, creates delicious pictures of cupcakes, lettuce, strawberries and potatoes which he is selling through his blog for around £50 to £100 each. All the money

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe with tattoos

Tattooed celebrity portraits

If you have ever imagined what Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe would have looked like covered in tattoos, this series of images holds the answer. Wayne Maguire’s series has won the attention of fans and celebrities all over the world. Mr Maguire, 32, a freelance artist, said: “I’ve been drawing from a very young age

Ted Lawson portrait in own blood

Artist’s portrait in blood

A fearless tech expert has taken the world’s goriest selfie after creating a life-size portrait of himself made entirely of his own BLOOD. Ted Lawson, 44, spent eight hours hooked up to a machine which is usually used for 3D printing which he had reprogrammed to draw a life-size portrait of his naked body using

US forces veteran portraits by Stacy Pearsall

War veteran portraits

An air force veteran who was seriously injured after being blown up twice in two separate roadside bomb attacks has found a new calling, photographing veterans of wars from World War Two up to the present day. Stacy Pearsall, a retired US Air Force staff sergeant, suffered a devastating neck injury after she was caught

David Cata art

Plants inside artist’s hand

A photographer has allowed his art to get under his skin – literally. David Catá, 26, created a series of painful-looking photos which involved him cutting his skin, pulling it away from his body, and placing plants in the space left. He said: “My work may seem painful, or agressive, but that is a misconception.

Retro film poster Inception

Retro movie posters

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar has been given the retro treatment by a designer who creates alternative movie posters. Peter Stults, 32 has created a series of posters depicting what contemporary films may have looked like had they been produced in the 1940s and 50s. The “What If” poster series has reimagined films such as

Bullet hits plexiglass

Bullet strike photographs

These pictures show the explosive beauty unleashed when a bullet hits its target. Deborah Bay, a professional photographer, recorded the grisly, dazzling effect of a bullet strike on plexiglass. She said: “It’s difficult to look at the images without giving some thought to what happens when bullets hit muscle and bone. “As I was researching

Star Wars AT-AT Walker

Star Wars landscapes

A series of uncanny photos makes the Star Wars galaxy seem not so far, far away after all. Star Wars superfan Thomas Dagg, 24, used photography and digital image processing to introduce the science fiction series’ iconic machines and characters to everyday surroundings. He said the images are his way of paying homage to his

Satellite alphabet

Satellite alphabet

Take a second look at this typeface and you will see that it is made up entirely of satellite images of New York buildings. Yousuke Ozawa, 34, an avid Google Maps user, picked out 26 buildings which look like letters of the alphabet and brought them together to make his larger-than-life font. Mr Ozawa got


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