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Teachers at Riverview Middle School hogwarts makeover

Hogwarts school makeover

Hogwarts school makeover

Harry Potter inspired a Canadian middleschool to shapeshift into Hogwarts. When Riverview Middle School wanted to boost their literacy scores, teachers came up with a spellbinding plan to motivate students. Teacher Armand Doucet, 35, put in months of work to transform the cafeteria and class rooms into one of fiction’s most well-known schools — Hogwarts

Proposal struck by lightening

Lightening strike proposal

There seems to be a spark between them! Amazing pictures taken to celebrate a couple’s engagement shows them nearly getting struck by LIGHTNING. Canadian couple Kassandra Sadker and Craig Nichols were photographed holding an umbrella in a field during a storm to celebrate their engagement. The striking couple, of Edmonton, Canada, were posing for the

Teen takes selfie every day

Teen’s selfie timelapse video

From boyhood to adulthood – a teenager has created a video that shows him age seven years in under two minutes. Hugo Cornellier, 19, took pictures of his own face every day from the age of 12 until the present day. The teenager used the pictures to create an awe-inspiring timelapse video which shows him

Renaissance gif Jesus on diving board

Renaissance art as .gifs

Renaissance art as you have never seen it! A talented animator has created hilarious moving images which present classical paintings as they have never been imagined before. Montreal-based artist James Kerr, 35, has taken works by great masters such as Lucas Cranach the Elder and Quentin Metsys and used their subjects to create scenes featuring


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