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BRCA cancer mastectomy decision

Mum’s cancer gene advice

A mother-of-one carrying a deadly breast cancer gene says she is ready to advise her baby daughter to have a mastectomy once she is old enough. Becky Measures, 32, who underwent a preemptive double mastectomy in 2006, knows her 16-month-old daughter Eva May Menzies is also likely to be carrying the BRCA gene and will

Surviving multiple myeloma

Gran laughs through cancer

A mother-of-six who was given just four months to live credits pranks and laughs with her family for the fact that she is still alive eight YEARS after her devastating blood cancer diagnosis. Jan Simper, 68, has revelled in practical jokes with her children and grandchildren which she says keeps her positive, happy and determined

Choice between children and hysterectomy

Mum’s cancer fertility dilemma

A young hairdresser who dreamed of having a large family has spoken of the ‘impossible’ decision of choosing between her fertility and her life after a devastating cancer diagnosis. Emma Evans, 28, signed forms agreeing to a hysterectomy after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. More than 75 per cent of her cervix was removed,


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