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Firefighter weight loss before and after

Mum slims to be a firefighter

A mother-of-three was so keen to join the fire service that she lost more than FOUR STONE by dropping her junk food habit and taking up running and rowing. Elizabeth Sharpe, 40, once worked in a supermarket where she fell into habits of buying reduced-priced pastries and bottles of wine on her way home after

126lb weight loss

Cross trainer weight loss

A sales director lost NINE STONE by covering the equivalent of the distance across America on a cross trainer. Stuart Marshall, 35, was 19st 2lb before he ‘travelled’ almost 3,000 miles on the piece of home exercise equipment. He made the decision to lose weight after being embarrassed by an unflattering photograph of him and

Velociraptor bike design

Dinosaur bicycle design

Jurassic lark! A student completed a monster challenge by pedaling 200 miles on a bicycle in the shape of a DINOSAUR. Markus Moestue, 32, turned three bicycles into velociraptor-shaped vehicle before making his marathon 198 mile journey from Stavanger to Kristiansand on the Norwegian coast. Mr Moestue said his velociraptor velocipede turned heads as he

Man proposed Mount St Helens

Volcano top proposal

Feeling on top of the world – A boyfriend set up an amazing wedding proposal to his girlfriend atop a 8,365ft VOLCANO. Andrew Parroccini, 29, asked his girlfriend Jennifer Walsh, 31, to marry him after backpacking to reach the peak of Mount St. Helens. Miss Walsh said: “I loved that he proposed on top of


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