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Monkey rescue success

Monkey rescue success

After generous support from the public, a monkey sanctuary in Cornwall managed to raise £6,000 and rescue a capuchin monkey. The monkey, named Daisy, was originally confiscated from an exotic animal breeder in Wales where she was isolated from any others of her breed. She was found with healed cigarette burns and poorly mended fractured


Children recreate Band Aid

Complaints about the new Band Aid single have been rife, but if Bob Geldof wants to call it a day, there may be some people ready to take his place. Students at Bamford Academy in Rochdale wrote their own lyrics and sung along to the Band Aid track. The school is now selling DVDs of

Dog rescue charity

Dog rescue mission

A kind-hearted man is on a mission to save more than 450 dogs from being put down this Christmas. Sasha Pesic, 45, has spent the last six years rescuing stray pups from the streets without any financial support. He said: “It all began when I found four puppies beside the road and took them in

Red lipstick selfie lung cancer campaign

Lipstick selfie campaign

Hundreds of people all over the world have begun sharing “lipstick selfies” to raise money for the fight against lung cancer all thanks to a campaign launched by a bereaved daughter. Victoria Herd, 29, was devastated when her mother Janice Leverett, 59, who was known for her bright red lipstick, was diagnosed with terminal cancer


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