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vasa praevia scan family affected

Mum’s baby scan appeal

Mum’s baby scan appeal

A mother who lost her baby after her placenta ruptured during labour is calling for the condition to be routinely screened for at 20 week scans. Niki Cunningham, 31, was distraught when her baby died after suffering a huge hemorrhage at birth. But Mrs Cunningham’s grief soon turned to anger when she learned that the

Underwater children photography

Underwater children

This colourful photo series shows the playful side of a group of water-babies. Adam Opris, 31, took these photos of children in their parents’ swimming pools. Mr Opris, 31, said: “My photography is all about capturing memories. It’s about catching the moments and bringing them back to life. “I love to see my models having

Edwards’ Syndrome

Inspirational gymnast

A little girl who doctors expected to die during birth because of a condition which causes severe limb disfigurement has amazed her parents – by starting gymnastics lessons. Emma-Grace Andrews, six, was born with rare arthrogryposis which caused tissue surrounding her joints to fuse, preventing her from bending her arms and causing her legs to

Baby born no blood

Baby born with no blood

A little girl who stunned the medical world by being born without a drop of blood in her body is doing well in her first weeks at primary school after miraculously making a full recovery. Doctors were baffled when Maisy Vignes’s entire blood supply was absorbed by her mother, Emma Vignes, 31, during pregnancy. Despite

Baby with bent bone dysplasia

Baby with bent bone dysplasia

The mother of a little boy born with a rare disfiguring condition says she has no regrets about choosing not to have an abortion when given the opportunity while pregnant. Two-year-old Louis Mathurin was born with bent bone dysplasia syndrome which causes maldevelopment all over his body, leading to breathing, feeding and mobility problems. His

Girl with Russell-Silver Syndrome

Mum diagnoses daughter with dwarfism

A mother’s investigations on the internet led to her daughter being diagnosed with an extremely rare growth condition. Georgina Horton-Jones, 35, was concerned when she saw her that her newborn daughter Isabella was not growing as fast as she should. Despite doctors’ assurances that her daughter was in no danger and would catch up eventually,


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