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Daily food paintings

Art which looks good enough to eat – an artist is feeding the hungry with an ambitious project which challenges him to paint food every day. Painter Aleksey Vaynshteyn, 38, creates delicious pictures of cupcakes, lettuce, strawberries and potatoes which he is selling through his blog for around £50 to £100 each. All the money

Deep fried battered yule log

Battered yule log

A Scottish chippie has found a new way to serve up a Christmas tradition – by selling battered YULE LOGS. This festive season Reivers Fish Bar in the Scottish Borders is selling deep-fried chocolate logs, mince pies and even Christmas puddings, to the delight of a demanding public. But at an estimated 950 calories a

Celebrity bread photo series

Celebrity bread photo series

An animator has turned famous people into baked goods for a bizarre and hilarious photo series. Adam Malamut, 31, has transformed well-known figures, including Barack Obama, Rhianna and even Osama Bin Laden, into various types of bread, giving them pun-filled names like Sourdoughbama, Ryehanna and Osama Bun Laden. The photoshop shenanigans to create Mr Malamut’s

Apple store borough market london

Real apple store

Eager shoppers who visited London’s latest Apple Store were disappointed to discover it did not sell the latest iPhone – but rather actual fruit instead. London’s Borough Market, which has a history stretching back to the Norman conquest, celebrated its 1,000th birthday by giving its annual Apple Day celebration a modern makeover, replacing fruit stalls

Before and after weight loss

Takeaway addicts diet

A junk food addicted couple shaved an incredible £5,000 off their household expenses by ditching the takeaways they enjoyed three times a week. Cherie Higginson, 37, and her husband Mark, 40, have saved an average of £100 a week and lost an amazing nine stone between them since they abandoning their thrice-weekly trips to the

Car engine cooking on the road

Car engine cooking

Talk about fast food – a student has started cooking his meals on the engine of his CAR. Sports management student Alfred Cary, 22, cooks delicious grub by placing it on the engine of his Ford Ka and going for long drives. The engine heats up to such a degree that by the end of

Skipchen Cafe Bristol

Recycled food cafe

A new cafe which only sells food saved from RUBBISH BINS has opened in Bristol to rave reviews. ‘Skipchen’ is a new community eatery where customers are invited to pay what they like for food which otherwise would have been thrown away. Bethan Cox, 22, a student from Bristol said, “The food was amazing. I

Diver discovers WW2 wreck

Shipwrecked coffee beans

A cup of coffee more than 70 years in the making – divers brewed up coffee beans which they found sealed in the wreck of a ship which was sunk in 1942. A perfectly-preserved bottle of dry coffee beans was brought up from the wreck of the Sulina, a Romanian cargo ship which was sunk

otter feeding time Sea Life Centre

Sushi for otters

Stubborn otters at a British aquarium were tricked into eating their greens by being fed handmade SUSHI by a trained chef. Keepers grew concerned when otters at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham refused to eat their fruit and vegetables. On Monday (SEPT 15) inventive otter handler Rob Gaster, 30, decided to put on his


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