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vasa praevia scan family affected

Mum’s baby scan appeal

Mum’s baby scan appeal

A mother who lost her baby after her placenta ruptured during labour is calling for the condition to be routinely screened for at 20 week scans. Niki Cunningham, 31, was distraught when her baby died after suffering a huge hemorrhage at birth. But Mrs Cunningham’s grief soon turned to anger when she learned that the

Before and after weight loss man

Cider drinker’s weight loss

Time at the bar! A cider drinker has lost NINE stone by quitting alcohol for good. Anyone tempted to give in and have a pint rather than struggle through the last days of Dry January may find inspiration in the example of Phil Zipser, 35, who lost nine stone by kicking the booze. Father-of-three Mr

Graph tracking cigarettes smoked

Smoking addiction graphs

An ex-smoker has brought together a series of fascinating and beautiful graphs from data which he collected to help him quit. Riley Murphy, 30, a chemist, started recording facts about his smoking habit in October 2001 and finished in July 2003. He went on to record 5,326 cigarette trips over that two-year period, writing down

Twin survival decision

A pregnant mother decided to keep both her twins even though doctors advised her that aborting one of them would ensure the other survived. Carmelle Hartgrove, 32, and her husband Steve Hartgrove, 36, were delighted when they discovered they were pregnant with twin girls. But at a scan when she was ten weeks pregnant Mrs

Diane Franks kidney donor

Stranger kidney donation

A woman who donated one of her healthy kidneys to a complete stranger says the fact that such donations have TRIPLED in the past two years shows how generous the British public is. Mother-of-one Diane Franks, 63, has welcomed the latest figures from the UK Human Tissue Authority which show that approvals for ‘non-directed altruistic

Premature elf baby

Picture of elf! A mother is looking forward to spending her first Christmas at home with her baby, who was born ten weeks early this time last year. Little Charlie was born weighing just 1lb 15oz. As he clung to life at University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff his parents, Laura White, 27, and Arron

Sign language translator invention

Sign language translator

Inventors hope a tablet device which can turn visual sign language into audio and translate audio into text will become the world’s first translator for the deaf. The device, named UNI by developers MotionSavvy, is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign which has already raised £18,000 of the £25,500 the project needs to progress to

Selfie face slimming app

Selfie app criticised

The creator of a hit mobile app which instantly doctors selfies to make them appear as if the user is a stone in weight lighter than they really are has blasted critics who claim it is fuelling anorexia. Professor Sue Green created the SkinneePix mobile app which uses facial recognition software to change photographs to

Sugar addict weight loss results

Pepsi addict’s weight loss

A woman lost an incredible SEVEN stone in just five months by ditching a sugar addiction which saw her consume up to two litres of Pepsi a day. Bozena Lisowicz, 28, who was 14st 9lb and wore size 18 clothes at her heaviest, became hooked on sugary treats and fatty, stodgy food as a mechanism

Dr Thelma Lovick from University of Bristol and Dr Jonathan Fry from UCL

PMS treatment research

New research by British scientists shows that low doses of antidepressants could hold the key to easing PMS. Curling up with a hot water bottle, some light exercise or a bar of chocolate does the trick for some, but a new scientific discovery by an international team of researchers could pave the way to developing


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