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Red lipstick selfie lung cancer campaign

Lipstick selfie campaign

Lipstick selfie campaign

Hundreds of people all over the world have begun sharing “lipstick selfies” to raise money for the fight against lung cancer all thanks to a campaign launched by a bereaved daughter. Victoria Herd, 29, was devastated when her mother Janice Leverett, 59, who was known for her bright red lipstick, was diagnosed with terminal cancer

BRCA cancer mastectomy decision

Mum’s cancer gene advice

A mother-of-one carrying a deadly breast cancer gene says she is ready to advise her baby daughter to have a mastectomy once she is old enough. Becky Measures, 32, who underwent a preemptive double mastectomy in 2006, knows her 16-month-old daughter Eva May Menzies is also likely to be carrying the BRCA gene and will

Chalk craving

Mum’s chalk craving

Do you want some chalk with your cheese? A mother from London eats a packet of CHALK a week. Chalk is typically reserved for writing on blackboards in dusty classrooms but for Anne Brobby, 44, it is a delicious snack. The mother-of-one wolfs down a packet of chalk, typically containing 12 sticks, every week and

Gastric band saggy skin results

Gastric band disaster

A woman who lost 19 STONE thanks to quick-fix surgery admits to feeling less confident than when she was obese. Kelly Urey, 30, who at her heaviest weighed 26st said NHS gastric bypass surgery left her with crippling stomach pains which have ruined her life. Ms Urey shrunk from a size 30 to a size

Before and after weight loss

Takeaway addicts diet

A junk food addicted couple shaved an incredible £5,000 off their household expenses by ditching the takeaways they enjoyed three times a week. Cherie Higginson, 37, and her husband Mark, 40, have saved an average of £100 a week and lost an amazing nine stone between them since they abandoning their thrice-weekly trips to the

Transgender before and after

Transgender biker

A former bearded biker and weightlifter celebrated her birthday by having an operation which gave her a VAGINA. Born a boy named Sam, Samantha Denning, 47, always felt like a woman trapped in a male body, but she battled her feelings and overcompensated with motorbikes, weightlifting and dressing in masculine leather jackets. Struggling with suicidal

Weight loss progress

Breaking bed weight loss

Breaking bed! An embarrassed mother lost eight stone in weight after a hospital bed collapsed underneath her weight. Sarah Bagley, 34, was left humiliated after a hospital bed collapsed under her 17st 6lb weight. The obese mother-of-four decided to change her lifestyle and has since lost and incredible eight stone through diet and exercise. Mrs

Fancy dress weight loss

An obese mother-of-two lost an incredible TEN STONE after seeing pictures of herself dressed as a porky Pocahontas. Kirsty Airey, 26, was looking through holiday snaps taken of her dressed in a squaw costume alongside slimmer friends when she realised she was dangerously overweight. The shock was enough to persuade her to change for good.

PND help on Twitter

Postnatal depression help

A young mother whose postnatal depression led her towards self-harm was saved by a very modern self-help network – by logging onto Twitter. Rosey Wren, 26, who experienced both ante- and postnatal depression during her pregnancies with her three children, struggled to find support in the remote community in the Outer Hebrides where she lives.


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