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Postman life photos

Postman’s route photos

Postman’s route photos

A postman has documented the perils of delivering letters by taking photos of his encounters en route. Seth Miller, 21, has been delivering for three years and decided to start taking the pictures after stray dogs started following him around his route. Over the years Mr Miller has encountered everything from grumpy stick insects to

Lego model pregnancy baby gender reveal

Lego baby gender reveal

Is this the most gruesome Lego playset ever? A Lego-mad dad built a representation of his pregnant wife’s stomach and invited friends and family to pull it apart as a way to share the news of the gender of their child. Gerry Burrows, 41, a computer engineer, decided the building blocks were the best medium

Churchill impersonator Gerry George

Churchill fan’s election plans

Britain’s most fanatical Winston Churchill admirer says the wartime Prime Minister would wipe the floor with today’s professional politicians and has announced he is considering running as an MP to prove it. Gerry George, 76, a professional actor and Churchill impersonator, said he would run as an MP to show that the British Bulldog would

Ice climbing frozen waterfall

Frozen waterfall climbers

Daredevil climbers took advantage of falling temperatures to scale frozen waterfalls. Cold weather over the weekend provided climbers with an irresistible challenge when waterfalls froze in place. Daredevil climbers equipped with ice picks dodged deadly hanging ice curtains made of dagger-like icicles as they ascended the 70ft-tall structures. Photographer Matthew Crowley, 34, spotted the daring

World’s largest jigsaw puzzle

A teenager has completed what is thought to be the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. Amanda Funch, 19, completed the incredible 33,600-piece puzzle in around 450 hours. The mammoth jigsaw, which depicts a jungle scene, is manufactured by jigsaw manufacturer Educa. Miss Funch believes she is the first person in the world to have completed the

Turtle snow sculpture

As freezing weather threatens the UK, three brothers have unveiled a 12ft-high snow turtle which they built in their parents’ gardens. The Bartz brothers, Austin, 20, Trevor, 19 and Connor, 16, began crafting the impressive beast on November 14th. In total it took them 300 hours to complete. Connor said: “It’s become a yearly tradition.

Puppet lover

A young woman who prefers puppets to men says it is impossible for her to find love because potential suitors are put off by her intimidating collection. April Brucker, 30, who has been looking for love for the past ten years, says men are jealous of her 16 puppets which altogether are worth more than

Reborn doll collection

£30k reborn doll collection

A trainee accountant says her £30,000 collection of ultra-realistic “reborn dolls” has made it impossible for her to find a boyfriend. Victoria Andrews, 22, has been obsessed with the dolls, which can cost upwards of £800 each, since she was a teenager. She said: “Sometimes I take one of them to work with me, where

Pampered dogs designer clothes pushchairs

Pampered dogs

A woman who is so frugal that she buys all her clothes in charity shops has admitted to spending a whopping £300 a week on designer togs for her dogs. Pamela Richards, 57, has blown a whopping £13,000 of inheritance money on her dogs in the past two years. The staggering bills she racks up

Biggest collection of Tomb Raider in the world

Tomb Raider collection

The world’s most obsessive gamer has revealed his cave of treasures – an astonishing collection of 2.383 Tomb Raider collectibles. Just like the iconic treasure hunter Lara Croft, Rodrigo Santos, 27, has spent his life tracking down artefacts. In his case, he has sought rare Tomb Raider memorabilia. The avid fan has now earned the


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