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Teachers at Riverview Middle School hogwarts makeover

Hogwarts school makeover

Hogwarts school makeover

Harry Potter inspired a Canadian middleschool to shapeshift into Hogwarts. When Riverview Middle School wanted to boost their literacy scores, teachers came up with a spellbinding plan to motivate students. Teacher Armand Doucet, 35, put in months of work to transform the cafeteria and class rooms into one of fiction’s most well-known schools — Hogwarts

Lego model pregnancy baby gender reveal

Lego baby gender reveal

Is this the most gruesome Lego playset ever? A Lego-mad dad built a representation of his pregnant wife’s stomach and invited friends and family to pull it apart as a way to share the news of the gender of their child. Gerry Burrows, 41, a computer engineer, decided the building blocks were the best medium

Cat dressed up in outfits

Fashion cat photos

An Irish photographer is turning his household moggy into the cream of the fashion world by taking pictures of him in fetching outfits. Jason McGroarty, 22, spends his spare time photographing his pretty kitty Hummus dressed up in fashion attire. The playful project sees seven-year-old Hummus pose as a vampire, geisha and a queen. Mr

Fashion pooch Instagram

A stylish chihuahua has become fashion’s coolest ‘it girl’ on Instagram. Collage artist Klee Van Schoonhoven, 37, spends her spare time photographing her tiny pooch Goldie in amusing positions using pages cut out from fashion magazines. The cleverly created project sees ten-year-old Goldie pose alongside famous style icons including Kate Moss and Pharrell Williams. In

Travel to meet Facebook stranger

Facebook friend trip

A student travelled more than 5,000 miles to meet a stranger whom Facebook suggested he should befriend. Victor Van Rossem, 24, was curious when Neal D Retke, 49, popped up as a ‘suggested friend’ on his Facebook feed because the two had never met and had no obvious connection to each other aside from a

Children recreate Band Aid

Complaints about the new Band Aid single have been rife, but if Bob Geldof wants to call it a day, there may be some people ready to take his place. Students at Bamford Academy in Rochdale wrote their own lyrics and sung along to the Band Aid track. The school is now selling DVDs of

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe with tattoos

Tattooed celebrity portraits

If you have ever imagined what Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe would have looked like covered in tattoos, this series of images holds the answer. Wayne Maguire’s series has won the attention of fans and celebrities all over the world. Mr Maguire, 32, a freelance artist, said: “I’ve been drawing from a very young age

Plane selfie illusion

Plane selfie illusion

A closer look at this crowded flight reveals a surprise – every seat is filled with the SAME passenger. In a photo for anyone who has ever wished they had a flight to themselves, airline worker Tim LaBranche, 32, photographed himself over and over again to make it appear as if clones of himself were

12 beards of Christmas calendar

12 beards of Christmas calendar

This is a grizzly way to mark the 12 days of Christmas. Photographer Stephanie Jarstad, 26, brought together the “12 beards of Christmas” calendar after being inspired by the enthusiasm surrounding Movember. Miss Jarstad, 26, enlisted the help of 12 different models and dressed their facial hair with an assortment of Christmas accessories. She said:


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