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Puppy tutus

Tutus for puppies

Tutus for puppies

A selfless seven-year-old has struck gold with her own small business – making tutus for PUPPIES. Selfless entrepreneur Jayden Mote, 7, began creating the tutus for pups when she got bored over the Christmas holidays, and is now selling them to raise money for charity. Jayden’s Mother, Deandrea Mote, 31, said: “Jayden’s brother and sister’s

Offroading wheelchair invention

Offroading wheelchair invention

A single father who was left paralysed after a motocross accident has invented a clip-on attachment which allows wheelchairs to be used for offroading adventures. Four years after coming up with his ingenious idea Patrick Dougherty, 52, is selling his FreeWheel attachment all over the world. Mr Dougherty, who has a 17-year-old daughter and a

12 beards of Christmas calendar

12 beards of Christmas calendar

This is a grizzly way to mark the 12 days of Christmas. Photographer Stephanie Jarstad, 26, brought together the “12 beards of Christmas” calendar after being inspired by the enthusiasm surrounding Movember. Miss Jarstad, 26, enlisted the help of 12 different models and dressed their facial hair with an assortment of Christmas accessories. She said:

App invented by boy aged five

Five-year-old app inventor

Among the many games available on mobiles one in particular stands out – because it was developed by a FIVE YEAR OLD. Computer wizzkid Christian Pellet, 5, invented FastWord, a word game for iPhones, after enjoying rounds of scrabble with his father, Ryan Pellet, 35. FastWord is a mixture of Boggle and Scrabble. Players are

Sign language translator invention

Sign language translator

Inventors hope a tablet device which can turn visual sign language into audio and translate audio into text will become the world’s first translator for the deaf. The device, named UNI by developers MotionSavvy, is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign which has already raised £18,000 of the £25,500 the project needs to progress to

Selfie face slimming app

Selfie app criticised

The creator of a hit mobile app which instantly doctors selfies to make them appear as if the user is a stone in weight lighter than they really are has blasted critics who claim it is fuelling anorexia. Professor Sue Green created the SkinneePix mobile app which uses facial recognition software to change photographs to

Coffee cup dating advert

Coffee cup dating advert

Things are getting steamy! A woman has printed her internet dating profile onto coffee cups at her local cafe in the hope of finding a man who is just her cup of tea. Unlucky-in-love Lynne Adams, 37, found dating in the run-up to Christmas to be a grind. Desperate to find herself a date, the

Tomato exploding shot by a BB pellet

Bullet photo gadget

This machine can stop bullets mid-air. Tech company Vela Labs has launched a new strobe light which allows standard cameras to take photos 1,000 times faster than normal – so fast that it can clearly photograph ball bearings in mid-flight. Previously, such clarity could only be achieved through the use of expensive, high-voltage systems. Vela

iPhone virtual reality headsets

iPhone virtual reality

A new piece of hardware turns your iPhone into entire virtual reality world. The Pinć – pronounced “pinch” – is being touted on crowdfunding site IndieGogo as a £57 VR headset which brings your phone vividly to life. Milan Baic, of Cordon Media, the company which hopes to bring the Pinć to market, said: “Imagine

World's first viable fusion reactor in France

Fusion reactor

A newly-released timelapse video shows the world’s first viable FUSION REACTOR coming to life. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, or ITER, is a £31.8bn international project to create the first fusion reactor which produces more energy than it consumes. The team of 850 scientists and engineers from 35 different countries hope to see the reactor


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