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Ice cave under Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland

Crystal ice caves

Crystal ice caves

These striking photographs show inside the crystal ice caves that lie deep beneath Europe’s largest glacier. Julien Ratel, 33, visited the mesmerizing world beneath the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland and captured these incredible images. He said: “I’ve been to numerous places in Iceland. I’ve experienced long jeep trips and flown over a live volcano. Visiting

Refracted flower photographs by Alberto Panizza

Refracted flower photos

Mother nature provides the perfect lens in a stunning series of photos which show flowers reflected in droplets of morning dew. Nature enthusiast Alberto Panizza, 39, took the photos on the banks of the Po river in Italy using macro photography to capture the refracted flowers in meticulous detail. The photos depict a variety of

Polar bear tundra buggy

Arctic tundra buggy

Meals on wheels? A unique all-terrain vehicle brings sightseers within touching distance of the world’s largest land predators. The Tundra Buggy, a mammoth hand-built machine which towers 13ft over the arctic tundra, is capable of pulling a train of mobile lodges to create a “cruise liner on wheels” more than 200ft long, allowing lucky tourists

Sulphur mine Mount Ijen, in Java

Sulphur miners in volcano

Tough day at work? Spare a thought for these sulphur miners who work inside the crater of an active VOLCANO. A British photographer snapped these incredible pictures which highlight the working conditions of sulphur miners in Indonesia. The miners walk more than nine kilometers a day, carrying baskets full of sulphur weighing twice their own

Rutting season deer

Deer rutting season

Roar power – British deer bellow at each other as rutting season continues in the spectacular grounds of Woburn Abbey. During October and November rival stags in the countryside surrounding the estate in Bedfordshire fight for the attention of females by making ferocious noises and clashing antlers. Mike Jordan, 26, ventured out before sunrise to

Sakurajima volcano erupting

Plane over erupting volcano

Enjoy your fright! An airline passenger looked out a plane window and realised he was flying directly over an erupting VOLCANO. Teacher Steve Olson was amazed to have a front-row seat as the Sakurajima volcano, in the Kyushu province of Japan, exploded beneath him. Mr Olson, 29, immediately took a picture of the mountain spewing

Supermoon wolf cloud

Wolf supermoon

Howling at the moon! A striking photograph shows a wolf-shaped cloud in front of last night’s supermoon. Over the weekend the moon appeared larger and brighter than usual – a phenomenon which occurs when a full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to the Earth. Astro-photographer Alessandro Merga, 24, captured a shot of a

Light photography

Light tornado photography

Tornadoes have hit Britain – but the twist is that they are made entirely of LIGHT. Experimental photographer Martin Kimbell, 26, uses a hula-hoop equipped with LED lights to create these surreal pictures set against the British countryside. Mr Kimbell, of Nottingham, creates the unique images by throwing the hoops in the air and leaving

Underwater art gallery

Bali reef sculptures

Metal structures designed to promote reef growth have turned the sea around Bali into an underwater art gallery. Off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, the azure blue sea is full of more than 60 strange metallic sculptures in the shape of dolphins, whales, waves, tigers and lotus flowers. The metal structures were designed to encourage

Roman colosseum sand sculpture

Couple’s sand sculptures

Now that’s what you call a sandcastle! A husband-and-wife team use sand to create amazing sculptures ranging from detailed statues to mockups of the Roman Colosseum. Martijn Rijerse and his wife Hanneke Supply spend up to 12 days building the spectacular pieces which are destined to crumble back into the beach once the crowds of


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