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Baby born no blood

Baby born with no blood

A little girl who stunned the medical world by being born without a drop of blood in her body is doing well in her first weeks at primary school after miraculously making a full recovery. Doctors were baffled when Maisy Vignes’s entire blood supply was absorbed by her mother, Emma Vignes, 31, during pregnancy. Despite

diet before and after

Mum of eight loses five stone

A mother-of-eight lost nearly five stone through dieting and exercise – despite breaking her NECK. Cheryl West, 43, was depressed and felt in a rut after a road collision in December 2012 shattered a disc in her neck, leaving her in constant pain which required her to take liquid morphine every two hours. Convinced she

slimming world weight loss before and after

Insult inspired mum’s weight loss

A mother-of-three who was once so fat that she struggled to put on her shoes and socks lost more than EIGHT STONE in weight after her son’s three-year-old friend called her fat. Lynsey Langdon, 38, gave up sweets and kebabs after her son Jack was teased at school on account of her weight. At her

Mum adopts reborn dolls

Mum adopts reborn dolls

A woman who lost her three sisters, her brother and her father in a road traffic collision which she survived has found comfort in her suffering by adopting three ‘reborn dolls’. Beulah Suket, 49, has suffered constant pain since the smash in 1977 in which she lost nearly her entire family. After more than 30

Girl with Russell-Silver Syndrome

Mum diagnoses daughter with dwarfism

A mother’s investigations on the internet led to her daughter being diagnosed with an extremely rare growth condition. Georgina Horton-Jones, 35, was concerned when she saw her that her newborn daughter Isabella was not growing as fast as she should. Despite doctors’ assurances that her daughter was in no danger and would catch up eventually,


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