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Cat dressed up in outfits

Fashion cat photos

Fashion cat photos

An Irish photographer is turning his household moggy into the cream of the fashion world by taking pictures of him in fetching outfits. Jason McGroarty, 22, spends his spare time photographing his pretty kitty Hummus dressed up in fashion attire. The playful project sees seven-year-old Hummus pose as a vampire, geisha and a queen. Mr

Gluta dog cancer recovery

Dog’s cancer recovery

A student has melted hearts around the world with his story of how he saved a dog from the streets, nursed it through cancer, and made her part of his family. Sorasart Wisetsin, 25, found eight-year-old Gluta running around his university dormitory the pair soon became firm friends. He said: “I saved her from my

Fashion pooch Instagram

A stylish chihuahua has become fashion’s coolest ‘it girl’ on Instagram. Collage artist Klee Van Schoonhoven, 37, spends her spare time photographing her tiny pooch Goldie in amusing positions using pages cut out from fashion magazines. The cleverly created project sees ten-year-old Goldie pose alongside famous style icons including Kate Moss and Pharrell Williams. In

Puppy tutus

Tutus for puppies

A selfless seven-year-old has struck gold with her own small business – making tutus for PUPPIES. Selfless entrepreneur Jayden Mote, 7, began creating the tutus for pups when she got bored over the Christmas holidays, and is now selling them to raise money for charity. Jayden’s Mother, Deandrea Mote, 31, said: “Jayden’s brother and sister’s

Dog rescue charity

Dog rescue mission

A kind-hearted man is on a mission to save more than 450 dogs from being put down this Christmas. Sasha Pesic, 45, has spent the last six years rescuing stray pups from the streets without any financial support. He said: “It all began when I found four puppies beside the road and took them in

Crusoe celebrity dachshund Christmas outfits

Crusoe’s Christmas outfits

Dachshund through the snow! A sausage dog is winning fans all over the world with his variety of Christmas costumes. Dog lover Ryan Beauchesne, 27, dressed his adorable pooch, named Crusoe, in a variety of handmade festive outfits. Over the past three years Crusoe, a four-year-old dachshund, has become a bona fide celebrity thanks to

Restaurant for dogs

Restaurant for dogs

Talk about a dog’s dinner – a dog-mad entrepreneur has opened a new restaurant where dogs and their owners are served as EQUALS. The Doggy Deli and Barkery in Cardiff aims to be the first establishment in the UK where dog lovers and their four-legged friends can enjoy a spot of lunch together. Owner Leanne

Tortoise mating ritual

Tortoise’s mating rage

The real teenage mutant ninja turtle! An adolescent tortoise headbutted an animal lover in a fit of passion before biting him. A hilarious video shows an amourous tortoise, named Gus, banging his shell against a process engineer who was lying on the floor before rushing in and biting his nipple. George Nixon, 24, was visiting

Dog helps mum's weight loss

Doggy personal trainer

Dog training with a difference! A mum-of-four lost half her bodyweight thanks to a personal trainer – her four-year-old Bichon Frisé. Usually dog training involves an owner attempting to change pet behaviour, but Mandy Bristow, 49, credits her dog Archie with changing her attitude to exercise by encouraging her to get up and go for


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