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vasa praevia scan family affected

Mum’s baby scan appeal

Mum’s baby scan appeal

A mother who lost her baby after her placenta ruptured during labour is calling for the condition to be routinely screened for at 20 week scans. Niki Cunningham, 31, was distraught when her baby died after suffering a huge hemorrhage at birth. But Mrs Cunningham’s grief soon turned to anger when she learned that the

Postman life photos

Postman’s route photos

A postman has documented the perils of delivering letters by taking photos of his encounters en route. Seth Miller, 21, has been delivering for three years and decided to start taking the pictures after stray dogs started following him around his route. Over the years Mr Miller has encountered everything from grumpy stick insects to

Ice cave under Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland

Crystal ice caves

These striking photographs show inside the crystal ice caves that lie deep beneath Europe’s largest glacier. Julien Ratel, 33, visited the mesmerizing world beneath the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland and captured these incredible images. He said: “I’ve been to numerous places in Iceland. I’ve experienced long jeep trips and flown over a live volcano. Visiting

Lightening strike night into day illumination

Lightening strike illumination

This amazing picture depicts the exact moment the rain-lashed streets of Chelmsford were illuminated by a lightning strike. Photographer David Ward, 21, happened to press his shutter button at precisely the same time as a lightning bolt flashed at around 4am turning pitch darkness into broad daylight for a fraction of a second. Mr Ward

Snowy owls at Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Snowy owl pictures

Two birdwatchers were lucky enough to capture shots of notoriously shy snowy owls at rest, thanks to a rare natural event. Steve Ash, 54, and his son Tyler, 26, had heard rumours that late December would see an irruption of snowy owls into southern Canada. Irruptions, unpredictable and dramatic migrations of birds to areas they

Old stock exchange China

Chinese stock exchange

Old money – China’s first ever stock exchange is now an overcrowded suburban apartment block. It is hard to believe this dusty apartment block in Beijing was once the seat of one of the world’s most influential economies. But the unassuming building, tucked behind an alley in China’s old district of Qianmen, was China’s first

Cloud perspective illusion, dragon blowing smoke

Cloud perspective photos

A vehicle painter has his head in the clouds now his playful pictures, which use false perspective to make it appear as if he is able to manipulate the weather, have gained him more than 20,000 followers on Instagram. Markus Einspannier, 34, has gathered a large online following thanks to a series of photos in

Refracted flower photographs by Alberto Panizza

Refracted flower photos

Mother nature provides the perfect lens in a stunning series of photos which show flowers reflected in droplets of morning dew. Nature enthusiast Alberto Panizza, 39, took the photos on the banks of the Po river in Italy using macro photography to capture the refracted flowers in meticulous detail. The photos depict a variety of

Tomato exploding shot by a BB pellet

Bullet photo gadget

This machine can stop bullets mid-air. Tech company Vela Labs has launched a new strobe light which allows standard cameras to take photos 1,000 times faster than normal – so fast that it can clearly photograph ball bearings in mid-flight. Previously, such clarity could only be achieved through the use of expensive, high-voltage systems. Vela


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