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White kingfisher

White-throated kingfisher

White-throated kingfisher

Bird’s eye view – a wildlife enthusiastic captured this perfectly composed shot of a kingfisher staring straight down his camera lens. This startling picture of a white-throated kingfisher offers a rare glimpse of what it is like to be squarely in the sights of this efficient hunter, which preys on aquatic creatures like fish and

Ghost bike memorial

Ghost bike memorials

A photographer travelled more than 6,000 miles to document “ghost bikes” – haunting memorials to cyclists who have been killed in road traffic collisions. Ghost bikes – whitewashed bicycles left in places where cyclists are killed on the road – have appeared all over the world as reminders of the dangers faced by road users.

Underwater children photography

Underwater children

This colourful photo series shows the playful side of a group of water-babies. Adam Opris, 31, took these photos of children in their parents’ swimming pools. Mr Opris, 31, said: “My photography is all about capturing memories. It’s about catching the moments and bringing them back to life. “I love to see my models having

US forces veteran portraits by Stacy Pearsall

War veteran portraits

An air force veteran who was seriously injured after being blown up twice in two separate roadside bomb attacks has found a new calling, photographing veterans of wars from World War Two up to the present day. Stacy Pearsall, a retired US Air Force staff sergeant, suffered a devastating neck injury after she was caught

Abandoned powerstation in Budapest

Abandoned powerplant

Stunning pictures have emerged from a control room of an abandoned power plant nicknamed the ‘mothership’. Once buzzing with the whir of machinery which powered the city of Budapest, this Bauhaus-era abandoned power plant is now silent and dusty. The Kelenfold power station’s once state-of-the-art control room sports a stunning art deco ceiling above banks

Lego brick camera

Lego brick camera

A student has created a tiny working camera out of a LEGO BRICK. Graphic design student Ryan Howerter, 21, has created a fully functional pinhole camera, which creates tiny photographic prints, housed in the space of a Lego building block. The Lego fan’s tiny camera takes minuscule black and white photographs measuring one centimetre square.

Bullet hits plexiglass

Bullet strike photographs

These pictures show the explosive beauty unleashed when a bullet hits its target. Deborah Bay, a professional photographer, recorded the grisly, dazzling effect of a bullet strike on plexiglass. She said: “It’s difficult to look at the images without giving some thought to what happens when bullets hit muscle and bone. “As I was researching

Distorted caricature photographs

Caricature photographs

A portrait photographer has invented a new craze for caricature photographs. Visitors to London’s Covent Garden will be familiar with caricature artists, who draw comically exaggerated portraits as souvenirs for tourists. Now professional photographer Bert McLendon, 40, has taken the concept a step further by using technology to distort photographs, puffing out cheeks and exaggerating

Shot drinking reactions

Shot horror! A photographer captured drinkers’ pained reactions as they braved shots of strong spirits. These hilarious pictures show volunteers gurning, spitting and screwing their faces up after swallowing shots of sambuca, tequila and gin. Tim Charles, 33, of east London, had the idea to study how people react to strong alcohol while he was

Ladybird covered in dew

Morning dew ladybirds

These incredibly detailed photographs show how a ladybird’s polka dot wings look when they are covered in morning dew. The pictures, which offer a window into the rarely-seen world of the very small, reveal how tiny water droplets settle on the beetles’ bodies. Amateur photographer Cristian Arghiuș, 34, captured the images while on a morning


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