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vasa praevia scan family affected

Mum’s baby scan appeal

Mum’s baby scan appeal

A mother who lost her baby after her placenta ruptured during labour is calling for the condition to be routinely screened for at 20 week scans. Niki Cunningham, 31, was distraught when her baby died after suffering a huge hemorrhage at birth. But Mrs Cunningham’s grief soon turned to anger when she learned that the

Twin survival decision

A pregnant mother decided to keep both her twins even though doctors advised her that aborting one of them would ensure the other survived. Carmelle Hartgrove, 32, and her husband Steve Hartgrove, 36, were delighted when they discovered they were pregnant with twin girls. But at a scan when she was ten weeks pregnant Mrs

Chalk craving

Mum’s chalk craving

Do you want some chalk with your cheese? A mother from London eats a packet of CHALK a week. Chalk is typically reserved for writing on blackboards in dusty classrooms but for Anne Brobby, 44, it is a delicious snack. The mother-of-one wolfs down a packet of chalk, typically containing 12 sticks, every week and

Student’s mask phobia

A student says she will be hiding behind the sofa until Halloween is over because a rare phobia makes her absolutely terrified of MASKS. Jessica Parmiter, 20, suffers from rare masklophobia which makes her recoil from masks and mascots. The business student, of Portsmouth, said: “Halloween is always a total nightmare. I hate this time

Spider bite reaction

Spider bite allergy

A mother-of-four has been left in too much pain to hold her own children after a horrific reaction to a false widow spider bite. Carol Veitch, 45, was bitten more than a year ago but is still in too much pain to hug her five-year-old son Paul before he heads off to school each morning.

Blind brothers' road trip

Blind brothers’ road trip

Two brothers with a devastating degenerative eye disease completed a once-in-a-lifetime road trip across the USA to see the sights before they both turn blind. Justin Purvis, 38, and Tod Purvis, 43, have choroideremia, an inherited disorder which causes progressive loss of vision. Medics have warned the pair that the disease is likely to cause

Edwards’ Syndrome

Inspirational gymnast

A little girl who doctors expected to die during birth because of a condition which causes severe limb disfigurement has amazed her parents – by starting gymnastics lessons. Emma-Grace Andrews, six, was born with rare arthrogryposis which caused tissue surrounding her joints to fuse, preventing her from bending her arms and causing her legs to

Baby born no blood

Baby born with no blood

A little girl who stunned the medical world by being born without a drop of blood in her body is doing well in her first weeks at primary school after miraculously making a full recovery. Doctors were baffled when Maisy Vignes’s entire blood supply was absorbed by her mother, Emma Vignes, 31, during pregnancy. Despite

Surviving multiple myeloma

Gran laughs through cancer

A mother-of-six who was given just four months to live credits pranks and laughs with her family for the fact that she is still alive eight YEARS after her devastating blood cancer diagnosis. Jan Simper, 68, has revelled in practical jokes with her children and grandchildren which she says keeps her positive, happy and determined


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